A student's personal journey at IESE Business School

About the Blog

I was working in Uganda and China in 2012 when I met the first MBA graduates of my career. They were fearless, confident and infinitely smart. They knew about the industries, the processes and the financial side of everything. I was really impressed and at that moment, I thought that I wanted an MBA as well. I really decided in 2015 that I would start the process starting with the GMAT. In the end, I got accepted into a great school and I want to share my experiences at IESE.

From the GMAT to the applications, to the writing the essays and to finally decide which school to attend it’s a gruesome process. I  had lots of questions and I had to fiend for myself to find the answers. I am convinced that I made the right choice and I want to take you through the path that made me decide on the IESE MBA.

This blog is aimed at prospective students, current students at IESE and other schools and previous MBA students. This blog reports as objectively as possible the MBA IESE experience, what lead to it and what came out of it.

Hope you enjoy the read and that would will find it useful. Don’t hesitate to drop me an email if you have questions or remarks concerning the blog!