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Safari in Barcelona

For the first time, IESE, ESADE and EADA have decided to organise a safari where the MBA students would visit different famous companies from Barcelona. We didn’t really know what to expect from this special day and there was a lot of apprehension from our group. The result ended being an unforgettable experience.


First stop was Desigual, on Barceloneta. Their building is just next to the W hotel and is just beautiful. We didn’t get much information about the company as I think we arrived a bit late and missed the speech from the representative. But we got to tour around the building and visit the different departments. Desigual looks like a creative fancy warehouse. There are clothes everywhere, people are wearing designer clothes and the views are just incredible. The additional perk, they have a panel detailing all the sporting activities available. Volley-Ball on the beach for lunch anyone?


The next stop was the Hospital Vall d’Hebron. We really didn’t know what to expect from the visit to the Hospital. The managers of the hospital introduced us to their structure and culture in a small meeting room. Then they took us to the changing rooms. We ended visiting the surgery department of the Hospital, in scrubs! It was really impressive we saw a few live operations among which the removal of a bladder tumour. The entire staff was super friendly and answered all of our questions.

The next After the visit to the surgery department. We went down to the latest and most modern Intensive care unit in Spain. I would have never imaged how much technology was involved in this. We got an entire presentation of all the sensors and IT systems managing the unit. The ICU tracks more than 150 variables per patient and triggers alarms if anything goes wrong.
According to the doctor touring us, the machines can maintain you alive if you have no heart, no lungs, no brain and no stomach. Pretty amazing!


the tour finished by the visit of a very historical art gallery called Joan Prats. Joan Prat was the buddy of Miro and helped him organise his exhibitions and promoted the guy a lot. The art exhibition was a bit too avant-garde for my taste. But the place was quite nice and the staff super friendly and very open to all of our questions.

  • Networking event with ESADE and EADA

the day finished with a networking event with 3 business schools from Barcelona. The event happened on the rooftop of the RBA building. It was great to meet other students and exchange the different aspects of our respective schools. We had the chance to attend a speech by the CEO of Ecooltra. The City of Barcelona did an amazing job at gathering all of us and made this day super special.

I heard some other teams visited a pet food manufacturing company and got to pet animals all day. I also heard another team’s bus broke down and could not really attend their route. I guess I was lucky!

Can’t wait for next year!




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