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Month: May 2019

Here’s how many applications I sent to find a summer internship

Finding an internship was definitely not easy and rather stressful. It’s the main objective for everyone in the first year. It seems that European companies are less attracted by MBA internship programs than their U.S. counterparts.I had a focus on… Continue Reading…

MBA Summer internship interview with Google

Application Process As long I as remember I’ve wanted to work for Google. When I started my MBA, it was my personal el dorado. If only I could land a job at my dream company. If only I could make… Continue Reading…

MBA Summer Internship Interview with Uber

Introduction The goal of my MBA was to join a big tech company. I held Uber in very high estime since the very beginning. Unfortunately, the company didn’t come during the career fairs and it was actually quite hard to… Continue Reading…