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Month: October 2019

The Nasty Consultant – The Video Game

I’m so excited to introduce you to The Video Game version of the Nasty Consultant. I started thinking about the topic last year and wrote a written version of it. It turned out to be my most visited blog post.… Continue Reading…

From “Zero” to “Tech Super Hero”

Technology sucks. Printers don’t print, Projectors do project but without the sound, Wifi needs rebooting and don’t get me started on video calls (I’m looking at you Webex). The Situation Luckily, there is always a nerd in the audience, willing… Continue Reading…

Christianity or Mcdonald’s,Who did it better?

Introduction It was a late summer night around a few glasses of wine. My friend Joao and I were talking about Religion. When he stated, “The catholic church is the very first and most successful franchise in history!”. I thought… Continue Reading…