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Month: September 2018

Who is behind the IESE Cyberattack? An extensive investigation

The cyber attack havoc made me think. Who would want to hurt us? Let me share with you the results of my extensive investigation. ESADE Our blue Archenemy is in my opinion, the main suspect for our systems attack. Their unsuccessful attempts… Continue Reading…

Getting your Virtual Campus synced with Google Calendar and Outlook

I noticed some students having trouble getting their virtual campus synched with their normal calendar. For example, I use Google calendar in my everyday life and I refuse categorically to get onboard another calendar or log into my virtual campus to… Continue Reading…

2 Weeks Intro of Business Spanish Programme

If you are an MBA candidate that is not a native Spanish speaker, you likely will be enrolled in the 2 weeks program prior to the real Orientation Week. I just finished my two weeks and I wanted to explain… Continue Reading…