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Getting your Virtual Campus synced with Google Calendar and Outlook

I noticed some students having trouble getting their virtual campus synched with their normal calendar. For example, I use Google calendar in my everyday life and I refuse categorically to get onboard another calendar or log into my virtual campus to know what’s what. I made a couple of videos to hopefully make your life a little bit easier.


Virtual Campus Calendar

It’s actually super simple and will definitely make your life much easier. In this first video, I detail how to integrate the calendar for the classes.

It’s pretty cool as well because it adds a link to the particular session in the calendar. This way you can check exactly what materials will be needed, what case needs to be read.


Club events and activities

In this second video, I added the same process but for Clubs events and activities. You want to know directly from your calendar when your football team is training, or when exactly is the case interview workshop? Super easy, check out my video and add your clubs to your main calendar.



******EDIT: For some of you the first video about the club activities is not working properly and your calendars are still not synced. I found a workaround and made another one. Please make sure you are logged into Campus Groups when you follow the steps.



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